About PERform Consulting and Development

PERform Consulting and Development offers a range of services aimed at helping you to satisfy your customers, develop your employees, and work effectively with partners and other stakeholders.

We focus on building excellence into everyday management practice by developing systems and people, enhancing performance and leadership skills and creating the right kind of information to inform key decisions.

We take pride in our work and we aim to ensure that all our customers receive a high quality, good-value service that provides real benefit to their organisation.

A major strength of PERform is that we understand the links between key work areas - and we are skilled in working across traditional groups, service areas and partnerships to ensure that the maximum benefit is gained from shared thinking,knowledge exchange and removal of unnecessary duplication.

We deliver services either directly, or through a number of key associates. We maintain good links with various networks so if we can't help, we will try to offer leads to others who may be able to.

Essential to our service delivery is a commitment to quality and customer care. We want you to be completely satisfied with the service we provide. We are happy to discuss your needs at any stage in your thinking, without obligation. We understand the importance of building relationships with customers on short term or longer-term projects, and we want to be a company you come back to again and again. We always value feedback about how we can improve our service to you.