EFQM Excellence Model

The EFQM Excellence Model is the most widely-used Business Excellence Framework in Europe. Over 30,000 organisations use it to develop their organisations and improve performance. It's suitable for all kinds of organisations - SMEs, large companies, public sector and voluntary organisations.

Used most simply, the Model can serve as a checklist to help identify potential improvement actions. Most commonly, it is used to support structured self-assessment of the things organisations do and the results they achieve. The Model can also be used to gain external recognition.

The Model is based on a philosophy of learning and continuous improvement and an understanding that the things you do - 'enablers' - help you to achieve 'results'.

Once you understand the basics, you'll find the Model can be a flexible tool and a valuable resource - and you may be surprised to see its influence in all sorts of places. Its holistic focus encourages you to keep an eye on all aspects of your business - so you won't be tempted to improve some areas at the expense of others.

With many years of experience in using the Model at all levels within organisations, and with experience as assessors for the Scottish Business Excellence Awards, we

  • provide training, assessment and consultancy in the use of the Model

  • advise on the right application to suit your organisation - whatever the size

We can also advise on links to other models, standards and frameworks.

Contact us to discuss how the Model can help develop your organisation.